Twitter Suspends #FixTheCountry Campaigner Kalyjay’s Account – Here’s His New Handle

Kalyjay. Photo credit: Kalyjay/Twitter

In Ghana, one of the few people who can start a viral conversation with just a single tweet, Joshua Boye-Doe who is more commonly known as Kalyjay, used to tweet with the handle @Gyaigyimii.

As at yesterday, that Twitter handle was nearing 400K followers and Kalyjay was hoping to celebrate that milestone today.


However, there has been a major set back to his virtual party – it will not happen.

That is because Twitter has suspended the @Gyaigyimii handle. According to Twitter, it suspends accounts that break its rule which include issues on abuse or harassment, violence and others.

Twitter has not indicated which exact rule the account broke for it to be suspended.

However, this suspension is coming weeks after he started and championed one of the most important hashtags in the country – #FixTheCountry.

The call direct call to action to the political elite resonated with a lot of Ghanaians from all walks of life who have issues in all spheres of their lives, including jobs, healthcare, security, education, roads and others.

Man with Ghana Flag. Credit: Kalyjay

With the courts placing a ban on street protests due to COVID-19 social gathering restrictions, the #FixTheCountry campaign has moved their protest online and every Sunday since then they hold virtual protests targeted at a specific objective.

Now that @Gyaigyimii has been suspended and Kalyjay is one who can’t afford to not be on Twitter, he has resurrected one of his sleeper accounts.

His fans are now directing people to interact with Joshua on another Twitter handle called @Kalyjay

That account currently has 17.3k followers.


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