How To Know When You’ve Been Scammed So That You Can Move On Or Take Action

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The hardest part of being scammed is getting to the point where you accept what has happened to you. Usually, the earlier that you get to that point, the better off you’re going to be. That’s because when you realize that you’re being scammed in the middle of a scam, you can avoid over committing or you might even be able to get the better of the scam artist.

When They Stop Answering Your Calls Or Responding To Texts

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You need to start getting suspicious if you have a deal with one of your boys or someone that you were introduced to for a deal and al of a sudden you have trouble reaching that person. If this is someone that you haven’t had much trouble reaching in the past then you should definitely know that things are going south.

When They Start Talking About The Other People Involved In Making Your Deal Happen

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When you talk to the person who is supposed to deliver a product or service to you and they start telling you about the other people that are supposed to be involved in the whole process, it’s usually a sign that things have started going wrong. You need to brace for the worst, try to get your money back or just get out while you can.

Story Time

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When you start hearing stories that are not entirely unbelievable, but just feel weird, then you should listen to your gut and accept that something is up. When you’re being scammed, one of the things that works against you is the fact that you don’t want to admit it to yourself when things are going wrong.



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