How To Build Healthy Sleep Routines During Freshman Year

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We’ve all heard numerous times how important sleep is. And there’s few feelings that are as good as waking up feeling completely well rested. But still, in the university there is usually a lot of activity late at night–sometimes even hours after midnight. Here are some tips that will help you stay healthy and build better sleep habits.

Prioritize Sleep

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One of the reasons that a lot of us don’t get enough sleep is simply because we don’t prioritize sleep. There always seems to be something better to be doing than to be getting rest. However, even with learning getting enough sleep can give you a new perspective on the material when you wake up feeling refreshed.

Learn How To Take Power Naps

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If you’ve had some back to back classes (for example 3 consecutive lectures that are 2 hours each), you know that by the time you get to your room you’re spent. You can recover before taking on any tasks like assignments or personal projects by taking a short nap. If you set an alarm for 20 minutes or more, you can avoid waking up feeling groggy.

Get A Good Mattress

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Sometimes it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep, or even sleep though the night because your mattress has a depression in the middle or is slanted towards one end. In most halls, you can get a replacement mattress by talking to the caretakers or porters in the hall, although you’re going to have to apply some pressure in order to actually get your mattress.

Don’t Take Caffeine In The Evenings

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Finally, if you’re someone who takes caffeine in order to be more alert/more productive or for whatever other reason, you want to take your caffeinated drinks in the earlier hours of the day. When you take caffeine too late, it can affect your sleep. Sometimes you wake up tired even if you do end ip getting some sleep.



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