Here’s How To Get Along With Your Partner’s Friends

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So you finally have the partner of your dreams but now you have to find a way to be cool with their friends because… well, they’re your partner’s friends and you want them to be comfortable enough with you since you know how much the friendship means to your partner.

1. Show up

If there’s a link up where you’re invited, try as much as possible to show up. It is through these parties and trips that you get to know each friend and know how to relate with them. It might be awkward at first but the more you go for these events, the easier it becomes.

2. Don’t worry about making a first impression

You’ll always like to make a good impression on people you’re meeting for the first time but you don’t need to censor yourself. You need to be yourself otherwise everyone will see right through you. Be yourself. Joke around with them and have fun with them.

3. Allow your partner to have fun alone

You don’t need to be around your partner and their friends every time. You need to be secure enough to allow your partner have fun alone with their friends. You don’t want to be that partner who doesn’t leave their significant other to have fun. Your partner’s friends will like you more.

4. Try as much as possible to resist the urge to let your partner choose between you and them

It’s not fair to put your partner in this position. Also, know that your partner will tell their close friends and they will definitely not like you afterwards. Know that your partner has history with these people. They were there before you and will still be there if you break up.

5. Bring your friends around as well

It makes a lot of sense especially if you’re uncomfortable with being with just your partner’s friends. Bringing your friends will balance the play field and both parties will be able to relate with their friends.


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