4 Times The ‘King Of Balance’ Hayford Okine Defied Gravity

Hayford Okine. Photo credit: Hayford Okine/Facebook

A professional Ghanaian acrobat is making a name for himself in Europe by defying this force that has been here since the beginning of time itself.

Hayford Okine is defying gravity with so much flair and craftsmanship that his performance of this art form is very entertaining to those who watch him perform.

His audiences are entertained and astonished with their jaws dropped to the floor all the time.

Hayford recently made history by setting a world record of becoming the first person to balance 16 chairs held only on his mouth for 10 seconds. He staged this performance when he participated in the Bulgaria version of the America’s Got Talent reality show.

He has also already won many hearts by performing in the Croatia Got Talent show.

Here are four times Hayford proved that Gravity can have several seats when he is around:


His world record balancing of 16 steel chairs helped Hayford to cement his status as one of the best acrobats to ever walk the face of the earth.


Hayford is a master of his arts. With his mouth holding knives, wine glasses balanced on the knives while keeping his on balance while standing on a self-balancing hoverboard.


With a combination of a knife, balloon, wine glasses, and a self-balance hoverboard, Hayford only keeps challenging himself.


While auditioning for the Bulgaria Got Talent, Hayford pulled off multiple stunts to wow the judges and the virtual audience.

While some of us fall off while riding the hoverboard, Hayford has not only mastered the hoverboard but how to bring his balance stunts to it.

He is indeed the King of Balance.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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