4 Simple Ways To Style A Trendy Corset Top

The Corset trend hasn’t had the best reputation especially in the 19th Century when it was literally killing people because of how tight they were. From the latter part of 2020 to 2021, we’ve seen an influx of different types of corset tops that are stylish and can be worn in various way.

We’ve even seen a lot of engagement outfit designers make clothes in a corset form and they look amazing. If you aren’t sure of what to wear these tops with, let us help you out.


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Corsets and jeans are one of the simplest combinations you can find. You can pair your look with boots or heels the same colour as your top. Pair the look with a hand bag.


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Depending on the type of corset top, you can decide to layer it on an outfit like the images shown. Wear heels or sneakers depending on the type of look you’re going for.

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If you’re layering it over an oversized T-shirt like Kim Kardashian did, you can wear an oversized denim jacket and either heels or boots.

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Courtesy of Youjiaxiaodian; Reformation; Deautu.

Pair the corset with a half sweater, palazzo pants and heels.


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Wearing a corset can be used worn with a suit to make it look less formidable. Wear it over a t-shirt, thin sweater or button-down shirt.

We hope these tips help you out.

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