Bodied Mirror Selfie: A Social Media Celebration Of Ghanaian Beauty

Ghanaians are beautiful, and with the various and different shades of black, the Ghanaian doesn’t let the “black don’t crack” phrase fall into pieces.

However, what do you do with glowing skin and a killer body when you have a mirror and a smartphone in hand?

Yes, you strike that damn pose and snap that selfie for the ages.

A Twitter account @_theseyram asked Ghanaians to share their mirror selfies on the timeline.

You know what they say… if you’ve got it, you’ve got to flaunt it.

As a result, hundreds of Ghanaians responded to the call and they quickly flooded the timeline with one amazing mirror selfie after the other.

We couldn’t help it but be mesmerized by all the beautiful Ghanaians that hijacked our timeline:

Nobody…… absolutely nobody….. then here comes Ghanaian kings and queens strutting their awesomeness and swagger all over the timeline.


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