5 Statements Which Caused Panic In Every Ghanaian Class

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If you attended a Ghanaian school in Primary and JHS, you should relate to these statements. Times were hard as compared to what’s going on in schools now.

If you made a mistake, you’ll receive 6 lashes on your butt in front of your class or school and you’ll have to do “odeeshi” because your crush is looking at you. Sigh. Here are 5 statements which caused havoc in every Ghanaian classroom.

1. Bring me the names of talkatives

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You know when this gives you high blood pressure? When nobody said they were writing names of talkatives and so you were busily enjoying conversations with your mates. Immediately a teacher says this, you start praying that by some miracle , your name isn’t there but chale. You know the reality of the situation.

2. Put your heads on the table

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Especially if the class has been disturbing and you were warned once or twice. Even if you weren’t talking, you’ll receive lashes at your back. The most painful part is when your head is on the desk looking on the ground and you can hear the lashes hitting people’s backs and coming slowly towards you. You’re sitting there anticipating the pain but chale, nothing truly prepares you for it.

3. Take out a sheet of paper

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Hah! When you don’t remember the last time you opened your textbook or notebook? You just know that if you didn’t copy, you’re going to get zero and after that zero, you’ll be lashed.

4. Open your notebooks

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You were supposed to have written your notes and made sure they were up to date but what did you do? You were either playing games, disturbing the class or reading storybooks. Now here you are. If you left the notebook at home too, you’re dead.

5. If you hear your name come forward

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This statement is never made when something good has happened. It’s either they’re about to sack you for school fees or listing names of talkertives and so they’re coming to give you your punishment.

Which of these do you relate heavily to? Which other ones did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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