Fans Have Their Say On Kwesi Arthur’s “Winning” Featuring Vic Mensa

Kwesi Arthur and Vic Mensa in "Winning". Photo credit: Kwesi Arthur

On May 14, award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Kwesi Arthur made something a reality.

He finally released a song with Vic Mensah, a Ghanaian-American singer, record producer and activist.

Vic Mensa is an American rapper, singer and record producer (image via AP)

In 2015, Vic performed with Kanye West and others on Saturday Nights Live – a highly popular American TV show – that was when Kwesi Arthur saw him.

According to Kwesi Arthur, neve, in his wildest dreams did he think he would one day have a song with a Kanye West collaborator.

“I was rapping in my grandma’s house watching Vic perform on SNL,” Kwesi said in a tweet.

“This be dreams manifesting. God be my witness, I love my supporters for taking mu lyrics around the world,” he added.

Recognizing the star power that Vic would bring to the record, Kwesi Arthur went all out with his own lines.

Even in a music jungle last Friday with a lot of other musicians – both home and abroad – releasing songs, Kwesi Arthur’s fans were there for him.

Days after he released his music, his fans are still giving him thumbs up.

If you haven’t seen the video of Kwesi Arthur’s “Winning” featuring Vic Mensa, you can watch it below:


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