Joachim Asare: Graduating From Ashesi With The Goal Of Making A Difference Through Engineering

Joachim Asare

Joachim Asare, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Major, and a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, was selected as the Class Speaker for Ashesi University’s 16th Commencement ceremony which took place on Saturday, May 15, 2021. This was the first of two virtual Commencement events that will be held this year, with the second scheduled to be held on June 5, 2021, for the Class of 2021.

Asare, at the ceremony, shared the collective experiences, lessons and ambitions of the Class of 2020.

In 2016, Joachim Asare was selected from a large pool of applicants as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar to enable him to enrol at Ashesi University on a full scholarship, covering his tuition, accommodation, and all basic expenses. This opportunity the MasterCard Foundation gave him to study in one of Ghana’s best universities is one that he is very grateful for. “I do not perceive being Mastercard Foundation Scholar as a bragging right but a reminder to give back to the community,” he said.

Joachim Asare

Attaining academic excellence

According to Asare, graduating as one of the best students from Ashesi’s Class of 2020 was achieved mainly through determination, discipline, and impactful relationships.

“I perceive school as a very essential tool but nevertheless not the sole tool for successful impact in the community. Hence, I combined it with running a freelance software engineering business and spiritually uplifting others as well,” he said. “To excel in such multitasking required serious time management. I prepare a To-do list for every single week, day and hour that guides me. I have been planning this way since I was 12 years. I write down targets and develop a realistic schedule that I follow. These avoid distractions. Lastly, I believe allowing myself to mature spiritually enabled me to attain excellence in every area of my life.”

Asare also hailed Ashesi’s style of teaching engineering, which he says made him “very versatile.”

“Though I majored in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I had a good balance and strong foundation across Mechanical and Computer Engineering during the first and second year,” he said.

“Even after majoring, I took extra electives in Computer Science and Computer Engineering that have really been impactful. I have had jobs, projects and been in teams across these fields and such versatility came in handy in being successful in them. The liberal arts education made me more aware of societal issues in the local and global context and appreciating their complexity.”

Joachim Asare

Experiences at Ashesi

Asare is very enthused about everything the concerns engineering. He describes himself as “a versatile engineer who is passionate about Electrical, Computer and Software engineering systems”. His passion for engineering propelled him to conducted research and projects in most of the engineering fields.

Due to his love and passion for engineering, as well as, creating solutions with his skills in the field, he had to make some “worthy sacrifices. He recounts having less sleep to successfully work on engineering projects. “There were times I would return from an 18-hours trip, only to wash my face to walk straight into lectures,” he said.

Asare’s sacrifices, however, produced great results. He was able to find solutions to problems by successfully completing projects he is passionate about. One of the inventions he made as a student was a smart bracelet that diagnosed fevers.

“Owing to my concern for the increased number of deaths in Africa due to wrong diagnosis and treatment of Malaria fever for Typhoid fever and vice versa, I developed a smart bracelet that diagnoses between the two fevers, with specificity on the type of fever present,” he revealed.

Joachim Asare

However, it wasn’t only about succeeding in the field of engineering for Asare. He also engaged in “volunteered ministerial journeys” to share the Gospel.

“While in school, there were times, I used to travel weekly across several regions, even all the way to the Northern parts on volunteered ministerial journeys to bless lives and still make it in time for all lectures. I was very busy but it was my choice and worth it. It was tough but I loved it.”

Asare currently works as Faculty Intern at Ashesi. As a Faculty Intern, he engages in teaching and research. He assists in the teaching of engineering courses, and also, helps faculty members undertake research. “I am currently working on an engineering publication with a reputable Faculty member to develop a new framework for IoT systems,” he said. “In addition, I assist in teaching courses such as Power Electronics, Physics II and Introduction to Engineering. I also recently worked with the faculty team to develop a maiden transdisciplinary course, Principles of Design, to teach students the Design thinking approach to develop sustainable solutions.”

Joachim Asare

Contributing to Ghana’s advancement

Asare is hoping to make a difference as an engineer in Ghana by “contributing to the advancement of the country through engineering solutions, to make life more efficient” for people.

“I am currently working on scaling engineering solutions into businesses. I aim to launch businesses very soon in IoT and automation engineering, beginning with building smart home systems.”

“I view myself as a technocrat and hence, would contribute to the development of Ghana and the world at large by dedicating myself to research to produce deployable solutions with technology,” he said.


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