9 Students Explain What “Friends With Benefits” Means To Them

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FWB is a term commonly used to reference a relationship that is sexual without being romantic. These non-committal relationships can be short term, or evolve into serious romantic relationships. Most of us have different ways we understand what friends with benefits is and so we asked around. Here were some of the responses gathered.

1. Francis

From my point of view, friends with benefits means a man and woman who have agreed to have sex without dating. The man provides the woman with whatever she needs (money) whilst the woman provides the man with pleasure (sex). In short whatever you ask the man he will provide it for you and whatever he will also ask you, you will give it to him. Simple🥳.

2. Nana Kwesi

When two adults decide on what to do with their lives I don’t think it should be any big deal to observers. As far as none of them feel used, I’m not sure it should be any big deal to anyone.

3. Nana Nyarko

We are friends, we eat ourselves with no strings attached. In short besties!!!

4. Ronney

Friends with benefits is a general statement.
To me there are 2 types of friends with benefits
* It can either mean someone you know who is down for you no matter what. Like he or she has always got your back.

* To the sexually active people, a friend with benefits is someone they have sex with, no strings attached. If cash comes in, it’s prostitution because there are supposed to be no strings attached.

5. Lashpixel

Alright so it’s usually a sexual relationship between a man and a woman which is devoid of any “feelings” or emotions. Both parties define the benefits they want from each other. It’s usually sex in exchange for money or any other thing.

6. Bona

Being friends with mutual benefits with no strings attached.

7. Bernard

A friends with benefits relationship is one in which two people are physically close with one another, yet they’re not devoted to each other in any way. People involved in a friends with benefits relationship clearly enjoy spending time together.

8. Marygold

From my understanding,we are friends who are not dating. We will both be there for each other in times of need. We derive benefits from each other. When it happens once it is termed as hookup,but FWB is for a period.

9. Bright

When two close friends also provide sexual pleasure to each other without all the complications and are able to roll as friends nonetheless.

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