7 Hygiene Tips Men Need To Take Note Of

Most guys think proper hygiene is reserved for the ladies or it is a “dadabee” thing but it’s imperative for everyone to look nice and smell good.  You do not have to wait until you are going somewhere or visiting a lady before you observe hygiene. So guys, here are some hygiene tips you should take note of.

1. The underwear

You do not have to wait for your underwear to be dirty before you change it. After sweating or bathing, you should change your underwear. Wearing a dark coloured boxer or briefs should not be a reason why they aren’t washed often. This also applies to your singlets and socks. Remember to wear a less tight underwear so the ‘‘old man’’ under there can breathe small.

2. Your hands

Washing your hands before and after urinating or even masturbating is a necessary action. In fact, you need to have clean hands when you are going to touch your penis. After touching it, remember to wash your hands. (Some do not do this, so beware the hands you are shaking in town even after Covid.)

3. The nails

Unless you deliberately want to keep your nails long you should clip your nails once it is becoming long. Remember nails keep dirt. Keeping it means you need pay attention the dirt when you are washing your hands.

4. The beard and the hair

Your haircare routine and beard goal does not stop at the barbering salon. You need to work on them on daily basis. Use a brush or comb to dress it very well. Hair keeps dirt but it is not advisable to use bathing soap to clean it. For better healthy hair, use the appropriate shampoo and moisturizer products that will be perfect for your hair type.

5. Your towel

You need three towels; one for the face, one for the body and one for the hands. Drying your face with the same towel you use for the body (including your butt) will not help. 

6. The skin

If your skin is glowing without you using any cream, imagine how finer you will look with a little care. Check your type of skin and get the appropriate cream that will make your skin glow without any filter.

7. The odour

A little reminder, roll on is for armpits, body spray for body, perfume for clothes. Some come 2 in 1. No matter how effective your fragrance is, note that it does not replace a shower.

We hope you follow these tips as they’ll do you a world of good.

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