5 Secrets To Having A Clear Skin When On Campus

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Day in, day out, we find ways and means to make our skin glow by investing into our skin care but doing this is not just about applying any product on your skin. It is rather carefully selecting products that will work on your skin perfectly. Let’s look at some simple daily routines we should follow in order to make our skin glow and look healthy.

1. Always wash your face

Washing your face with clean warm water helps open your pores and removes dirt from your face. This should you be your first step every morning before you apply any other product because using product on a dirty skin will not give you your desired results. Always wash your face and wipe it with a clean towel.

2. Use an exfoliate or scrub

We have natural scrubs such as honey and sugar others use cucumbers, carrots etc. If you have time to prepare your own exfoliate and scrubs, that’s perfectly fine but if you don’t, you can just go to any dermatologist approved shop and get yourself an organic scrub. You can use your scrub or exfoliate twice a week. Scrubs take care of your blemishes and it also works on dry skin, making it look fresh and shiny.

3. Apply your preferred oil on your face

Every skin is different which is why you need to know your skin and know what will work best for you. Some skin will not react with certain oils like coconut oil while others will. Try to know what your skin likes and choose that. Before applying the oils to your entire face, apply it just on a small part of your skin for a while and see if there’s any reaction. Oils are essential part of our skin care routine and so don’t forget to include it even when your skin is oily.

4. Get yourself a moisturizer

Some people will say oils are perfect moisturizers but it’s better when you have a moisturizer that is dermatologist approved. Many brands nowadays have good and authentic moisturizers that will make your skin look soft and refreshing. If you’re considering making your skin glow, don’t forget to add moisturizers to your set.

5. Use micellar water regularly

This serves as both makeup remover and a skin toner. It goes deep down into your pores to work especially on acne prone skins. It removes oil from the face, micellar water tones and hydrate the skin as well. It’s advisable that everyone has one because it’s good for all skin types. Getting micellar water is not difficult at all but make sure you are buying from original brands.

All of the points listed above will work efficiently with time.

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