Lessons In The First Year Of University That Can Only Be Learned Through Pain

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Just from your SHS experience you should know that freshmen always have things the hardest. That still applies in the university. And as a freshman there are some lessons that end up being hard learnt, unless of course you’re going through these tips from sufferers before you.

Don’t Have Too Much Fun On Social Media

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You would be surprised at how little privacy you actually have when photos and videos from moments where you’re having fun travel back home to your parents. Just be sensible about what you’re putting online.

Don’t Let Dating Take Over Your Life

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The university is a great time to fully experience relationships and enjoy dating. However, the university is also a great time for a host of other experiences. If you don’t do anything outside the relationship, when it comes to an end you’re just going to be left with regrets.

Don’t Miss Classes (Especially The Small Ones)

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Some lecturers will give students marks just for showing up to lectures. And others also make sure to drop exam hints for those who are actually in class to pick them up. Don’t miss classes even when it’s easy to.

Always Backup Your Work

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The most painful part of losing your laptop, believe it or not, is not the money going down the drain. No, it’s the fact that on top of losing your laptop you’re also going to get an F because your lecturer might not listen to any excuses for not submitting your assignment. Google Drive is free, backup all your school work regularly.

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