6 Qualities To Look Out For In A Friends With Benefits Partner

A couple in bed. Photo: Pexels

Being in a friends with benefits situation can be very exciting but you don’t want to get into this type of relationship with a partner who stresses you. You’re not in an actual relationship and so there’s no reason why you should be dealing with relationship drama. The rules need to be set and you need to be very particular about the type of person you’re getting involved with. Here are some qualities you should be looking out for.

1. Open-minded

This type of relationship helps you explore what you like sexually and so whoever your partner is needs to be open-minded about stuff like this. They should be willing to try certain things and not judge you for the things you like.

2. Respectful

They should be people who respect you and what you stand for. If you want the relationship on the “Down Low”, they should be respectful enough to keep it to themselves. If you have a safe word and you say it during a sexual act, they need to immediately stop.

3. No STDs

Most Ghanaians don’t go for regular check ups especially because of how much they cost but ideally, you both need to show that you’re clean before attempting to do anything together. Protection isn’t always enough.

4. They should be able to keep their mouths shut

Majority of the time, these relationships are hidden because there’s really nothing to say about it. Your partner shouldn’t be going round talking about sleeping with you and how you are in bed. Your partner should be able to keep a secret.

5. Attractive

This point is a personal one. They should be attractive to you. If you’re not attracted to your FWB then why are you wasting ‘sin’?

6. They communicate

If they don’t like something, they say it. If they want you to do something, they say it. The point is to enjoy the sessions you guys have otherwise what is the point? You both get better at pleasing each other at the end of the day.

We hope these tips help.

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