10 Men Talk About Some Things Women Do That They Find Weird

A lot of men find a number of the things women do as weird and so we asked them what exactly their problems were 😹😹. Some of these answers you probably saw coming but the others will truly make you wonder why women do things like that. Here are some of the responses we gathered.

1. William

I don’t get how ladies are comfortable being at loggerheads for years. Also, shaving their eyebrows off and drawing them back with a pencil.

2. Oliver

I think how they relate with other girls. The whole grinding and feeling each other’s ass and tits nu and even kissing. Weird. (Some guys find it sexy mmom). Also, sharing personal items like underwears . Its eww🌚. Buying of things that are highly unnecessary. Y’all won’t use the shit but you get them anyways. (I have 5 sisters and so I know this). It’s actually annoying.

3. Jackson

Some guys are able to share a lot of stuff like clothes shoes etc… Sometimes in a room a fridge, fan, all that but ladies in a 4 in a room can have 4 fridges and 4 cooker. Items that they probably could have shared are now in multiples in one room. Women sometimes seem to have more “balls” than guys(personal opinion). They can initiate a break up, ask for a favour, try something entirely new. Guys will protect their ego.

4. Daniel

I generally find it strange that women only want to be accountable when it’s convenient to them. Like, where’s the objectivity? What’s the standard?

5. Henry

One thing I find weird that women do is making a man or a relationship their whole world. I have seen that most times when a girls finds a new man, she makes him all of her world and so fast too. Meanwhile the guy too isn’t there yet. Which is why the heartbreak cuts deep for them.

6. Samuel

Okay, it’s not that weird when I see girls smack each other’s butts, but I won’t do that to another guy. Also, I think going to the bathroom in groups is just “someway”.

7. Matthew

Oh I find a lot of things girls do as weird! Kissing each other, Pressing each other’s breasts/buttocks, Hugging very tight and saying I love to you to each other unprovoked.

8. Joseph

😅 I think it’s weird when they try to hide their feelings. Like making random excuses to be around/text someone instead of just moving to the person.

9. Alexander

The last minute turn off after we have romanced each other for hours. When we’ve done the whole drill, protection all strapped on tight only for her to say “mm I don’t feel like doing this anymore” 🙄🙄🙄

10. John

That your money is our money but my money is my money attitude y’all have is weird and annoying.

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