Legon’s Noguchi Is Recruiting Volunteers For COVID-19 Related Vaccine Trial: Here’s How To Join

Scientist at Noguchi

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research at the University of Ghana, Legon has been one of the leading health institutions providing leadership in the country’s fight of COVID-19 pandemic.

It has led in the testing of samples and providing guidelines in the application of science in the fight of the pandemic in the country.

Noguchi Memorial Institute Image via Kuulpeeps

Now, the staff of the institute are hoping to provide leadership in the vaccination programme of the country.

Vaccination programmes in other countries have been affected by concerns of the safety of some of the vaccines available.

Certain countries have stopped the Astra Zeneca vaccine due to reports of blood clots. The usage Johnson and Johnson vaccine was also stopped at a point.

Due to these safety concerns, the Noguchi is carrying out a research in hopes that it would provide some answers and solutions.

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial (image: Reuters)

They want to recruit volunteers who will take the MR vaccine before taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

They want to compare what happens if people take the MR vaccine before taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

To participate, you must be 18 years and older, shouldn’t have COVID-19 infection and must have a smart phone or access to a computer.

This will certainly help provide them with the data they need to ensure and effective inoculation exercise in the country.


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