Effective Ways To Build An Audience On Twitter

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There are numerous networking benefits to be gained by growing your personal brand on Twitter. And although Instagram is better seated as an e-commerce social platform, your business will still benefit from having a Twitter audience. So for whichever case yours is, here’s how to go about building a Twitter audience.

Create Content That Adds Value

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People will better interact with your account if they believe that they will be getting some value in return. For example, if you’re a photographer or a freelancer who constantly talks about their everyday experiences or tips they’ve picked up, people interested in learning about that field won’t hesitate to hit the follow button.

Make Hard Concepts Easier For Others

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Even if you’re in a very technical field, when you speak in everyday language or even come up with everyday personfriendly ways to explain concepts people with no know how and an interest will follow you because they’ll still be able to pick up valuable information. For example, some popular medical accounts in the Ghanaian Twitter space are popular because they drop tips and explain the effects of everyday actions in simple terms.

Motivate/Inspire Others

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If you’ve had success in your career, or you’ve done something big in your personal life, share that too. If there are people who are looking to go down the same path or similar, your story is going to serve as inspiration for them.

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