5 Tips To Move Your Sex Life From Bland To Spicy

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It’s easy to slip in to a routine with your partner especially when it comes to sex. In as much as humans, it’s inevitable that your interests and activity can fluctuate depending on what’s going on in your life and how you’re feeling, if this sexual low point is taking too long, you may need to spice it up entirely.

1. Explore your fantasies

Have a discussion with your partner about both of your fantasies and find the ones you both think you can do and do them. A lot of people tend to think their fantasies are “weird” and so they don’t like to talk about them but once you create a safe space with your partner and actually talk about them, you’ll be able to do determine which ones you can do and which ones you are not comfortable with.

2. Switch up your sex positions

If the usual go to is doggy, switch it up into something else. If you keep having the same sex positions, it gets boring. Even with oral sex, the positions at which it’s done can be changed. In changing positions, you can adjust depth and speed of penetration and hit different erogenous zones.

3. Switch up who you are in bed; whether a dominant or submissive

If you’re usually the one who is calmer, always waiting for the other person to initiate sex, maybe this time, switch it up a little. The change makes the sex become more exciting and spicy. If you cannot go all out and be the dominant one, you can initiate a change in position or even start the foreplay until they take over.

4. Build the anticipation

Send a raunchy picture to them on Snapchat or send suggestive texts to them while they’re at work. Let them spend majority of the day thinking about what you want to do to them once they get home. By the time they’re home, no one will tell them to jump into your arms.

5. Dabble in role play

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. If your partner passes a comment like “I wonder how you would look in a nurse’s uniform”, you can use that as a queue for your role play. Appear at their end in one and see how that affects them. You don’t have to set an elaborate scene about it. Pay attention to the things your partner says about you.

6. Include sex toys

Sex toys automatically add some spice to your bedroom. If you ONLY rely on sex toys, things will become boring again. The trick is to mix it up. Sex toys add the spice; they are not to be the main courses.

We hope these tips help you out.

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