Ghanaians Miss Shatta Wale As His Absence From Social Media Continues

Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and leader of the Shatta Movement Empire

Social media is as lit as the people on the platform.

When people who throw a lot of ‘bombs’ on social media go radio silent, then the platform becomes boring or you miss them when situations come up and you’re dying to know what they would have said.

One high profile person who has been on an announced break from social media is Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and leader of the Shatta Movement Empire (image via Instagram/Shatta Wale/credit: Manuel Photography)

Shatta Wale went off social media on April 26 and he hasn’t been on since.

When he was active online, Shatta Wale was not afraid of saying what he thinks, no matter how controversial it is.

Even among his celebrity friends, he picks a fight on the regular with them. Samini, Sarkodie and others have all experienced that Shatta Wale unprovoked attack.

Especially now with the Fix The Country Campaign, many are of the opinion that if he was active online he would have dropped a bomb tweet, video or even released a song.

A screengrab of a funny Shatta Wale video

His absence has been seen and felt especially by the Shatta Movement who are just hoping for his early return.

Meanwhile, as he has been away, many have been posting about how they have missed him.

Shatta Wale had his own unique way of adding oxygen to issues he cares about.

His absent voice in the Fix The Country campaign has been deafening.

When he announced his social media break, he said he was taking it for personal reasons and many have been speculated as to what those reasons are.

Regardless, his social media presence has been missed.


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