8 Ladies Tell Us What They Would Do If They Woke Up As A Guy

Let’s just assume it’s Freaky Friday and you woke up as the opposite sex? What is that one thing you want to experience as the opposite sex? We asked a few ladies what they would do if they woke up as guys and these were the responses we gathered.

1. Vanessa

I would have sex to know how it feels as a guy because some guys give up a lot of their riches for just one p*ssy.

2. Afia

Immediately I wake up, I’ll check the size of my dick😹😹. It needs to be big. Next thing I’ll check is my height. I’m short but as a guy, I want to be 5”9 and above 😹😹😹.

3. Esther

I’ll do three things 😹.
1. I will try and talk to see if my voice is deep 😂😂😂.

2. Touch my down parts to see if I have an early morning erection🙈😂😂😂 and

3. Try to move to a girl because I want to know how it feels to be bounced or rejected by a girl😹😹

4. Josephine

I would want to have the option of choosing one beautiful girl out of the lot to date. I want to know how guys do it because I already know how hard it is as a lady to select just one guy.

5. Nancy

I want to know how walking around shirtless would feel so I’m going to do just that. Also, I will go to a bar and not be afraid like I am as a lady😒

6. Charlene

I’ll check if I have a big dick😹. Then I’ll pee standing up. I’ll check if I have a full beard too😹. Once I’m all set, I’m going to chase after all my crushes😹😹😹

7. Claudia

I will try walking in the night without fear of a man trying to touch me 🙂🙂

8. Akua

I’m absolutely going to walk around with my bare chest. “Free the tatas” has never been a reality. So yup! I will FREE THE CHEST and roam the streets for the pleasure 😹😹

How about you? What will you do if you woke up as the opposite sex?

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