NUGS-CUBA Paints Dire Situation For Ghanaian Students After Erasmus Klutse Passed Away


A Ghanaian medical student who was studying in Cuba, Erasmus Klutse passed away a couple of days in horrible circumstances that could have been avoided.

Erasmus, who was diabetic lived an active forward-looking life. On his last day on earth, he joined friends to play his favourite sport – basketball.

It was after the game that a series of unfortunate events unfolded ending with Erasmus needlessly losing his life.

As a diabetic who was not eating properly because the school did not give him a good diet and lack of cash to afford good meals, Erasmus reportedly experienced a seizure – which is believed to happen to him often.

Erasmus Klutse. Photo credit: Koo Win/Twitter

His friends rushed him to the university’s polyclinic but they refused to attend to him because his scholarship did not provide for healthcare in that facility.

The facility where he can access healthcare is off-campus and the school’s hospital claimed they didn’t have fuel for their ambulance to convey Erasmus to the other hospital.

Hours of waiting finally meant that Erasmus could not get the insulin shot he needed to save his life.

His friends put the blame on the Ghanaian Embassy in Cuba and GNPC, the Ghanaian owned company that had given Erasmus the scholarship.

Stipends are the lifeline of any student who is studying abroad. It covers living expenses and when it is delayed for more than 5 months, as in Erasmus’ case then it becomes a problem.

Add COVID-19 pandemic and students unable to pick up outside jobs to stay afloat, they badly needed the stipends and the promised care package that never came to their rescue.

A statement issued by the Cuba chapter of the National Union of Ghana Students said Erasmus’ death was “preventable” and “can barely fathom the loss of our dear brother and the thoughts of losing another one haunts our every step.”

Statement from CUBA branch of NUGS

Erasmus was a second year student at the Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM) Cuba.


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