Here’s How The Duolingo App Can Get You Into A University In The US

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If you’ve tried to learn a language at any point in your life then you’ve either used Duolingo or been recommended the Duolingo app by someone else. Duolingo is a gamified learning app that you can currently use to learn over 18 languages including French, Japanese, German and many more.

However, we’re not here to talk about the app itself, we’re here to talk about how the app could potentially get you into a university in the US and the UK.

The Duolingo English Test

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Most university admissions in the US require that you have proof of proficiency in the English language. Certifications like the SAT or TOEFL were required as part of the admissions process for universities, however, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of those tests aren’t being administered anymore. As a result, a lot of schools have turned to the English test that’s provided by Duolingo. It’s a 60-minute online test that you can take for quick results.

How To Access The English Language Test

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The Duolingo English test costs $49 dollars, and in order to take the test there are some things that you’re going to need:

  • Some form of ID
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer with a front-facing camera and a microphone
  • Well lit and quiet room to complete the test

Universities that accept the Duolingo English language test currently number around 1,415 and include Yale, NYU and Cornell among others. Check out a full list of schools that accept the test here.



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