5 Reasons Why Being Friends With Benefits Can Be Better Than A Serious Relationship

It’s easy to assume that it’s easy to get or be in a friends with benefits situation but it’s actually harder than it looks. You need to find someone who respects you and knows their way around in bed and at the same time not have any feelings for you. Once you find this person, you’ll realize how much you prefer the friends with benefits situation until you’re ready to actually settle down.

1. You’re more upfront about what you want

The whole point of being friends with benefits is to get sexually satisfied and to be able to explore. Your FWB can be the first person you run to when you want to try something new you’ve watched or read about without feeling some type of way and because of this, you learn what exactly your body likes in bed. The sex is always orgasmic because the point of your relationship is that.

2. There’s no judgement

Especially when it comes to what turns you on and how you like things done. Your “friend” is there specifically for that so you’re more open to tell them and you both handle things like matured adults.

3. No drama

You don’t need to be chatting with them all day while juggling work. You live your life and they live theirs. You plan to meet and get things down, talk for a little while and move on with life. When one person has found someone else they want to be in a serious relationship with, they tell the other and move on.

4. Moving on from them isn’t as difficult

Why? Because you have discussed it in the beginning. Sure, breaking up with anyone no matter the type of relationship can be hard but it’s not as difficult compared to breaking up with someone you thought you were going to get married to.

5. No demands for commitment

If you don’t think this arrangement is working for you, you can talk things out and leave. Nobody expects you to stay and try to make it work as compared to a serious relationship. If it’s not working, it’s not working.

Have you ever had a friend with benefits before? Let us know all about it in the comments section. 😉

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