Trying To End That Talking Stage? These Are 6 Sure-Fire Ways To Exit With “Minimal Damage”

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This is especially for people in certain talking stages that they don’t even know why and how they got into them in the first place. Or maybe you thought it will go somewhere but now you’re no longer interested but the other person can’t seem to take a hint. Don’t worry. We are here to solve your problem.

1. Tell them you want to be a better Christian


Yes, they’ll support you in the beginning but they’ll start to feel the heat when they want a kiss or even sex but you remind them that you don’t fornicate or do anything that leads to fornication anymore 🌚. When they call, don’t answer. Later, tell them you were at a prayer session in church or reading your Bible. In 2 weeks, your relationship will be on rocky grounds. By the end of a month, it will be non-existent. Thank us later😹

2. Start posting someone of the opposite sex regularly

Talk to a friend of yours so you’re on the same page. Keep posting that person’s picture on your WhatsApp status and Instagram stories. Keep chatting with them on the TL on Twitter. Use their picture as your DP for extra effect 😹. When the person you’re talking to asks, tell them you people are “Besties”. After 2 weeks of consistently doing this, nobody will tell them to stop texting and calling you. You’re welcome.😉

3. Introduce them to someone else

Introduce them to a someone who is their type. With this, you don’t have to do too much. Just keep pushing the person to text your partner. The more they communicate the greater the bond.

4. Avoid their calls and messages

When they call, either answer and tell them you’re busy or don’t answer it at all. When they text you too respond 2-3 business days after and blame it on the workload you have at either work or school. Eventually they’ll get the message and move on from you.

5. Send them an invitation to your wedding

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You may call this point “Savage” but we think this is very effective. The shock coupled with disbelief will force them to rethink their life choices and move on from you.

6. Block them


If all the points above don’t work, just block them everywhere. Relationship isn’t by force.


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