This Is Why Twitter Is In Love With Invincible: A Review

Invincible via Pinterest

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard of Invincible. We’re here to tell you to stop stalling and go check it out right now! Do you want to know why?

Check It Out Because Of This

And This

Oh And This 😭

… and the thousands and thousands of other Tweets praising the show. There’s a reason that Invincible has been confirmed for a second and third season.

Here’s Why Invincible Is Not Just Another Superhero Show

Omni-man via

Invincible starts out with a hero story that we are already familiar with: alien comes to Earth, he protects Earth and then he becomes the symbol of hope for the planet. However, in its very first episode, Invincible establishes itself as a show like no other.

Invincible follows the story of Mark, the son of the animated series’ equivalent of Superman, Omni-man. Mark wants to be just like his father and is eager to become a full-fledged superhero himself. However, what Mark doesn’t know is that even Omni-man isn’t as perfect as he seems.

Although Invincible has some quirky villains, fun superhero teams and traditional heroes-rescue-civilian story lines, the show’s adult and hyper realistic takes on the superhero genre are going to leave you speechless. Although the animation production and episode soundtracks might do that anyway.



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