The Wonders Scalp Massages Do And How They Lead To Hair Growth

A head massage is always welcome whether you have a headache or you just want to relax.

Just like how the pores on your skin, especially that on your face can get clogged, so does the scalp. The scalp gets clogged by the oils and butters we keep applying to the hair. Continuous application of these products can cause greasiness, allowing fungi and bacteria to grow, destroy the protein moisture balance and results in dandruff and other scalp conditions and so before you start massaging your scalp, make sure it’s clean.

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According to research, when you massage your scalp, it increases the blood circulation which in turn increases the amount of oxygen hair follicles are in touch with leading to a boost in hair growth. Also, these massages stretch the cells of the hair follicles which results in them producing thicker hair.

You can use your fingers and gently apply pressure in circular motions on the whole surface area of your scalp. You can also decide to use scalp massagers.

Do this everyday for 5 minutes without oils and thank us later. Remember to be gentle.


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