Here’s What To Do If Your Old Relationship Is Affecting Your New One

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Depending on how much your previous relationship and partner hurt you, you may be walking around with a lot of emotional baggage. What you shouldn’t do is to move this baggage into your new relationship.

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If you’re already in a new relationship and struggling with all your emotional trauma from the past one, here are some things to do to help you get out of that space.

1. Forgive yourself

You need to forgive yourself for whatever mistake that happened. Remind yourself that you’re humans it’s in our very nature to make mistakes. All you can do right now is to learn from the experience you’ve had.

2. Let go of the regret

A lot of times, it’s the regret that we keep fixating on. “Why did I ignore the signs? Why did I let them get away with it?” You need to focus on the present and let go of the regret. All the dwelling on the past you’re doing will just cause you pain. If you need someone to talk to, you can reach out to close friends or even your partner and say it out loud. Usually, telling someone makes you feel better. Plus, they’ll probably give you advice that will help.

3. Recognize your current partner for who they are

Your current partner is not your old partner. Yes, most people say “Men are trash” and “Women will show you” but everyone is different. There are still good people in the world. Don’t project what you’ve experienced and what you’ve heard about other people to this person. You’ll destroy the relationship if you do that.

4. Remember the bad as well as the good

We tend to compare the relationships we’ve been in and this destroys whichever one you’re currently in. There’s a reason why the previous relationships did not work. Anytime you’re inclined to think about how your ex used to do this and that for you and how your current partner isn’t doing that, remember that they’re different and remember that despite all that, there was still something that ex did that was part of the reason why the relationship didn’t work. If you’re fixated on the bad of the previous relationship, think about the good as well and don’t beat yourself up too much.

5. Be Open and Honest

Communication will always be the key. Speak to your partner about whatever it is you’re going through and let them understand how everything in your past relationship has affected you and your current thinking. If they’re really interested in you, they’ll understand and not do anything that will trigger you and any insecurities you currently have.

Ideally, you should work on yourself before entering any new relationship but if you couldn’t do that, we hope these tips help you out.


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