Erasmus Dzorgbegnui: The Tragic Circumstances Leading To The Death Of This Ghanaian Student In Cuba


Every year, amazing Ghanaian students travel out of the country to continue their studies.

While some are privately funded, most of them rely on scholarships to be able to cover the huge cost of studying abroad.

Though securing a scholarship and be challenging, some are able to pull through successfully and start their study abroad journey.

However, securing the scholarship is not the hardest part, sometimes… surviving the journey is.

Schooling on a scholarship with stipends often means that you have to rely on the money coming in when it is supposed to.

A Ghanaian student in Cuba, Erasmus Dzorgbegnui, who was living with diabetes, passed away after a hospital on the campus of the university where he studied refused to treat him.

However, his friends are blaming the Ghana Embassy in Cuba, which has been sitting on their stipends for the last five months as a result they didn’t have money to pay for the insulin shot he needed and afford a proper meal someone with his condition required.

His friends narrated how it happened, including Erasmus’ last day.

Erasmus’ friends and other Ghanaians have been paying tribute to him.

Rest in peace, Erasmus.

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  1. The scholarship secretariat and the Ghana embassies have formed a cycle of crime the same thing is happening in Hungary, Russia, India and Morocco
    Kingsley is a criminal he doesn’t deserve to lead the scholarship secretariat. His right hand man called Shamo has been charging people thousands of dollars to secure scholarships then the end up doing the unthinkable with students means of survival ie their stipends. Fire go burn them and their families


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