Quiz: Which Of These Personality Types Fits Your Mom?

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What does she do when you have friends over?

Your uncle gives you money, what does she do after he leaves?

How would she say sorry?

What’s her reaction to your report card?

If you did something wrong, how would she handle it?

Dove Personality Quiz
The Headmistress

She is Mrs-By-The-Book. You'll probably catch her saying "it is not me you are doing oo, you are doing yourself". She is a strict, level headed disciplinarian and your friends have probably never seen her smile. But, she's your number 1 fan and best friend.
The Life of the Party

She's always "doing people show". She's the rich aunty you've heard about. The party doesn’t start till she has arrived. It's always a party in your home and all your friends wish she was their mom. Her energy rubs off on you and she's the reason you are so confident in yourself.
The Borga

She is elegant in every sense of the word. Everything you know about fashion and class, you learnt from her. She is a sweetheart and will stay out of your way as long as you are well-behaved. She has a "When i travelled abroad" story for every situation. She pushes you to be independent and to live your best life.
The Chef

She just can’t wait to throw a feast and will jump at any opportunity to cook. You can always expect her to bribe you will food and you dare not leave a crumb on your plate. Everyone flocks to eat at your house. Your mom is your dependable backbone, always there with open arms.
The Prayer Warrior

She is the dramatic mom. You've never heard her whisper before even her phone conversations can be heard from across the street. She makes sure you never stray from religious teachings and lives her life accordingly. You can always count on her and her prayer no matter where you are.

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