6 People Talk About That One Thing Their Mum Did For Them They Can’t Forget

Mothers are absolute gems and usually would go through great lengths just to make us happy. We asked you to tell us one thing your mum did for you that really stood out for you. Most of you couldn’t even pick one thing but just had to try. Here are some of the responses.

1. Lily

There was a time my phone got spoilt and a friend promised me one but he disappointed me. This was in Level 100. He told me to wait for him and that he’s bringing it. If I was to go to school on Saturday I left on Monday because of him and still this boy didn’t do as he promised and I was so sad. I think that was my first experience with the saying, “do not rely on anyone“ especially friends. I was so naive and I accepted every word that came from him. We were just friends too. It wasn’t like we were dating or anything. Genuine friendship. I had known him since childhood so I expected him to keep his promise. My mum genuinely didn’t have money to purchase a new phone for me too so she asked me to go like that and that when she got some money she’ll buy it for me. She sent me the phone after two weeks and I was really happy. I was really bothered about going to the university without a smart phone and I was sure that money had better things to be used for like paying my sister’s fees but she used it to buy me the phone. She came through for me and I was so happy I had her. Charley God bless my mum for every single thing she’s done for my little sister and I.

2. Kwaku

I was 9 years old and they had given us light out. We forgot and left a candle on during the night and our house caught fire. I was trapped in a room, and the path to the door was all fire. My mom and the landlord’s daughter came in and saved me. I’ll never ever forget it.

3. Abena

I was always owing school fees in Primary school and for some reason, the headmistress didn’t like me. I was to be Confirmed (my school was a Catholic school) and I had gone through all the classes for that. I had studied and I was ready. The week before the Confirmation, the headmistress said she wanted to see all of us in her office. We went and since I was short, I went to stand in front. Immediately she saw me, she shouted my surname and asked me to leave her office. I was in shock so I was still standing there. She shouted my surname again and asked me to “Get out!” Everyone was looking at me and I run out crying. When I got home, I told my mum what happened. She called the headmistress and the head said she won’t allow me to be Confirmed. I think she had an issue with my mum but what my mum and I didn’t get was why she would project that problem on me. My mum found her way to the Archbishop of Accra, at the time it was Archbishop Palmer-Buckle and she reported the headmistress to him. Prior to meeting him she even wrote letters to him. He said he would make sure I was Confirmed and truly, I was. I will never forget the lengths my mum takes for me.

4. Lucy

I can’t pick just one thing because she was basically always there. Even when my dad said he’d do something for me, she’d do it first because she knows how irresponsible he can be. If he came through, it would be a bonus and if he didn’t I still had whatever I needed.

5. Enyo

There was this time when I was small and in Primary School. We had light out and my mum mistakenly poured hot water on my hands as she was trying to pour it in the bucket. I was playing with the soap so I didn’t see. It was boiling water. My God I screamed because it was so painful! She spent the night placing ice cubes on my hand and replacing them as they melted. She stayed beside me the whole night. As I moaned in pain, she held me and even cried with me. My mum was so sad. The whole night she kept apologising and asking me to sleep. I can never forget that night; my mum sat in the recliner beside my bed holding my wounded hand. She really didn’t sleep. With every turn I made, she held me tighter. Honestly, I recovered even before the wound got healed. My heart was so full of love for my mum.

6. Mendy

I honestly can’t choose one. All I know is that my mum is extraordinary. She creates a cordial relationship with my friends and it’s so convenient that they go to her for advise and color combinations tips. I’m proud when I hear my friends say “we’d ask Mendy’s mum to confirm”. She’s a type of mum that supports her 5 children on their choices.

How about you? What’s the one thing your mum did for you that you can never forget?

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