5 Permed Hair Tips For Healthy Maintenance

Permed hair can be as stressful as natural hair but when permed hair is taken care of properly, it grows quickly and healthier.

1. Re-touch hair once a month

Since your hair keeps growing you need to perm the hair from time to time. Re-touching your hair every month also makes the hair grow in an even length. After retouching, it’s advisable to wash the hair after a week to get rid of chemicals that are still sitting in the hair and also soothe sores that occurred during the perming process.

2. Wash permed hair regularly

You need to wash permed hair at least every 2 weeks to remove chemicals from the perming cream. Washing it also keeps the hair clean and dandruff free.

3. Wash permed hair after undoing braids or ponytails.

Wash permed hair after braiding to get rid of dirt and dandruff that developed during the braiding period. Washing permed hair after ponytails is important since gel was used to hold the hair together. Some people believe that gel has the ability to break permed hair and so it’s advised to wash your hair after undoing a ponytail.

4. Comb permed hair form the scalp of the hair to the tip

When combing permed hair, make sure the comb reaches the scalp of the head and gently drag it to the tip. Doing this prevents permed hair from tangling up and causes air to pass through freely. Combing it properly reduces heat and helps straighten the hair as well.

5. Stick to one hair product

Using one product that is effective for your hair is the best way to keep it looking good and healthy. Sticking to one product is the best way to track your hair growth and how best the hair is reacting to the product. Using one product is a tip advisable for everyone whether you have natural and permed hair.

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