20 Students Describe How Their Current Relationships Started

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Relationships happen in the most strange and interesting ways. We asked around and 20 of you shared your experiences with us on how you started dating and how you met your partners.

1. Mark

At church was where I met my girlfriend , my general rude attitude attracted her to me. She became a sitting mate and when we spoke we realised we had things in common. We clicked and so I asked her out and here we are now.

2. Mia

I met him through my friend. He came to visit my friend and I happened to be there. I was sitting on her bed so he knocked and I opened the louvre blades to see who it was. He saw me and smiled. I also smiled back. That’s how we exchanged numbers and started talking from then.

3. Neveah

This happened in SHS. The first time we spoke, we were on the same volleyball team. He disliked me because of my ball phobia. When a ball was thrown, I got scared and he felt like I was acting all rich and dbee. Because of his reaction, I pretended he didn’t exist. In final year we appeared in the same social circle because I knew his cousin’s girlfriend, we drew closer then. We enjoyed each other’s company and he asked me out the last day of WASSCE.

4. JT

When I was in Senior High School, Form 2, I got demoted as a prefect and she really mocked me. That got me closer to her because I used to laugh at her too saying that she was ugly even though it was the exact opposite. One day, when she came to school, I playfully asked her out and she agreed.

5. Paris

I met him at a party I attended. He sat by me and we were talking. I was kidding that I would
marry him and he said he would marry me too. He took my nunber and texted me. When the party was over, we still talked till 1Am. He took me to my room
and now we are here together.

6. Ava

He and I texted on Facebook for like a year. Then he told me he liked me. We met face to face then the relationship started.

7. Isabella

It was through mutual friends, nothing exciting. I was in my friends room, and group of people came to her to ask her for something and he was among them. He kept coming over with his friends and so we become friends and from there the relationship started.

8. Rose

Met him through a mutual friend on my birthday and we started talking from there.

9. Lady

I met him at a party. I was with my boyfriend at the time and he held me right infront of him and said you’re pretty. I later left my boyfriend for him. At the beginning I didn’t even like him but my own boyfriend was pushing me to him, telling me I should be giving him attention and stuff so I did just that and now we are dating.

10. Juns

We met at a program organized by a club in various schools. The program was held at the Osu mall and it was for 3 days. During the course of the whole program we got to know each other, got close and later became a thing.

11. Mabel

We met in class. He sat behind during one of our joint classes. He was talking to me from behind and I acted as if I couldn’t hear. He got up and came to sit by me and we started doing some calculations together (it was a calculation course) after that we started talking and now we are dating.

12. Franz

I met her at a friend’s hostel. She was doing something relating to wigs. Nothing happened there. I met her a couple of times outside my hostel and it was just hi and hello till I met her at one of my boys’ hostel. Turned out she was their close friend and they linked me with her number. We vibed and that’s was it, we’ve been dating.

13. Olivia

I was at a party and when I was leaving, he called me and asked why I was leaving so early. We exchanged numbers there and the rest is history.

14. Stefan

She added me on Snapchat and we started texting each other. We met officially during the Christmas period. I was shy in the beginning but I asked her out on a number of dates and on the third proposed to her.

15. Alan

I saw her on a friend’s telegram DP. Told my friend that I liked her. My friend gave me her username and I texted her while in a class. Turns out she had a class at the same place after but her class got cancelled. Went to her room that same day to talk to her because her class got canceled.

16. Geraldine

We met during an internship. I went there minding my business and to add some glow to my CV. Little did I know this gentleman had a thing for me. He was being exceptionally caring. It was weird. It was when we ended the internship that he expressed his love for me. Some few weeks down the line, we stated dating.

17. Papa Yaw

Funny story. She was my friend’s girl and then I started talking to her. We became friends and my guy asked me to put her to a test for him. She failed the test and I kept her…

18. Asantewaa

I met my boyfriend at a church crusade. I was an usher and he needed a chair, offered him a seat and I spotted his beauty, after the crusade we exchange numbers and we happened to be in a relationship.

19. Jail-Marie

I met my boyfriend in the library. He came up to me saying the wanted to occupy my seat after I was done studying since the library was full. I agreed and we exchanged numbers for the purpose that I’d call him to come get the seat. That’s how we started texting afterwards.

20. Regy

We are childhood friends. In level 100 we started hanging out and then he confessed his love for me.

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