10 Students Discuss How Long You Should Wait Before Having Sex In A New Relationship

How long should you wait to have sex? This is a question many of us have pondered over for years but haven’t found a satisfactory answer to. We decided to ask around and these are the answers we got from some of you.

1. Helen

So I believe there is no right time to have sex in a new relationship. You can have sex the first day and the relationship will be forever. You can wait for months, if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

2. Rahyl

Anytime. It depends on your vibe and feelings for each other. It can even happen on a first date. You just have to be sure of who you’re dealing with.

3. Kobby

I don’t think there’s actually a right time for sexual intercourse in a new or old relationship.
Sex is mutual and once both parties are interested then I don’t think it matters when it happens.

4. Lewicki

Anytime you want to. There are no rules to this. If you feel like it, make each other feel good. Some people just dey do dema body someway. It’s actually annoying when you think about. Someone can be holding out on sex, meanwhile we all know you want to pull down your panties for a guy if you want to. Tsw! Let’s wait till marriage people be the fakest!

5. Cookie

First day. It’s lit and the bond is wavy when it happens that way. If there is a connection, you should have sex. But I wonder why girls think that sex on a first date means u are cheap. That is childish talk. If a guy would leave you, he can wait for five years to have sex with you and when he finally has the sex, he would leave you.

6. Pappy

For a lady, you shouldn’t have sexual intercourse with a guy the first time you meet up. This is because, you’ve not known the guy for a long time. You should have a background check on the guy’s side. You should check for some few things concerning where he’s from, where he works and how he earns his money if possible. You need to know if he loves you or he’s coming to play you. Sexual intercourse comes with a spiritual affair or encounter.

6. Michael Chelsea

I think you should have sex when you marry because it is a sin to have sexual intercourse when outside marriage. Sex should be in marriage, not when you’re dating and not in courtship.

7. Bright

Hmmmm. I don’t think there’s a right time though because the only right time the Bible talk about is when both are married. So sex in a relationship doesn’t have right time.

8. Alex Betadays

I think it’s should be during courtship because dating isn’t a good foundation for sex.

9. Kenneth

The right time is the day she accept your proposal. You must take a risks as a man. Sex is the key thing in a relationship so if you both agree on the first day you can go ahead.

10. Narkie

Sexual intercourse in a relationship should mostly be after knowing each other quite well. This is because most guys tend to leave the girl hanging in the relationship after they’ve got what they want but currently, sex is so common that people do it even before they get to get into a relationship. Normal friends can have sex with each other and be cool about it.

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