10 Relatable Phrases Every Typical Ghanaian Mother Uses

African mother and child (image via theladysroom)

Ghanaian mothers are so unique! They are actually the best in the world!

Every Ghanaian child is proud of their mother for the sacrifices they have made for them. We also cherish the love and care they provide just to make us happy and comfortable.

However, there are certain phrases that almost every Ghanaian child has heard from their mother. Here are ten of those phrases:

1. “Mark it on the wall”

2. “We will know who gave birth to who”

3. “You think you are doing me eerh? Continue”

4. “I’ll tell your father when he comes”

5. “Open your curtains let the sun come in”

6. “Come and put it on my head”

7. “Go and wear something proper”

8. “Break it, okay, break it!”

9. “Before I open my eyes quickly get back the store and get me the right thing I told you to buy”

10. “A woman like you, look at the time you are waking up. You are a woman ooo, you are a woman!”

source: kuulpeeps.com

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