Kingsley Amankwaa: How This UCC Student Started A Business To Satisfy A Craving

Kingsley Adu Amankwaa

Most of the successful businesses that we know now, originated from the need to solve a problem. In trying to satisfy a craving, Kingsley Amankwaa Adu, a level 300 Nursing student of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), conceived a brilliant idea and started a business that has now become a popular snack brand on campus.

Kingsley started MagicBlendz, a fruit juice brand that provides freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, in his first year at UCC.

Kingsley Adu Amankwaa

Explaining why he started a fruit juice business, he said: “In my first year in 2018, I was looking for a place to buy freshly made fruit juice, and I roamed and searched almost all corners of the university but I didn’t get some. So I had an idea to make a business out of it. Basically, I started the business to satisfy my craving for fruit juice and to make a profit out of it as well.”

However, starting the business was not easy for Kingsley. He recounted how challenging it was to get and acquire certification for a place to set up the cart to start his business.

“It took me close to two semesters to get a space at Valco Hall, which affected my academics as well. I’d already constructed my cart, but I wasn’t having the permission to operate. It took a lot out of me.”

MagicBlendz cart in UCC

Being able to successfully set up MagicBlendz is more than an achievement for Kingsley. According to him, Magic Blendz is his best experience as a student in the university.

“My best experience is the work itself. Being a student and setting up this business has been my best experience. I personally love juice, so getting the juice and making profit as well, is the best experience.”

On how he is able to manage academic work and business simultaneously, and succeeding in both, King revealed that it was not easy in the beginning, adding that it was one of the biggest challenges he encountered as a student entrepreneur.

“But currently, I have an attendant who has reduced my workload,” he said. “She is a smart, honest and God-fearing worker. She has actually made the work a little bit easier. Even though she’s helping a lot, I have to supervise her and procure the needed items as well. It’s difficult with academics but I try as much as possible to make good use of any free time I get. It’s all about self-discipline.”

MagicBlendz cart in UCC

Kingsley went on to encourage students who dream of becoming entrepreneurs to start while in school.

“I believe everyone who has the desire to be an entrepreneur should start while in the university. Because at the university, what have you got to lose? If you fail, you have many years ahead of you. Even if you fail, that’s ok, you’ll have the experience. And the experience will navigate you in any other business you start.”

Kingsley wants to continue with his business even after school to provide juiced fruits, not only for UCC students but other Ghanaians as well, and according to him, he is not ready to quit.

“I don’t intend to quit. The business continues even after school. So far as I’m improving on the quality of the students’ health with juiced fruits and vegetables, and making little profit, I’m not quitting. I will hope to extend my services to other locations in the UCC environments.”


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