8 Typical Things You Can Always Expect From A Ghanaian Mother

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We are convinced Ghanaian mothers are in a WhatsApp group somewhere and because of that, they say the same things and act the same. If your Ghanaian mother hasn’t said or done these to you before, you should ask yourself if you were adopted. 🌚

1. Sending you random pictures/videos

If your mum hasn’t randomly sent you a good morning picture or a “funny” video, is she really your mum? The best way to handle this is to not download the image and respond with “Good morning ma” or send LOL if you suspect the video is supposed to be a funny one.

2. Ask you to zip her dress

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Every single person must have done this for their mum. Why should they stress their arms when they have able bodied children they take care of in the house?

3. Opens door, 👀👀, closes door

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😹😹😹 Mothers can be so weird. They have nothing to say but they’ll come in and look at you and then leave. Some even do this in the night to be sure you’re in bed sleeping.

4. “Put it on my head”

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Every mother has passed this comment more than once. If you’re not sure where to put something and you ask, you’ll definitely hear this response.

5. “Sorry for yourself”

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😹😹😹 And they say this with so much energy and disdain and eye rolls meanwhile you’re trying to apologize; most likely for something they shouldn’t have even taken personal.

6. They usually find things you can’t find

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Mothers will send you to look for something in their room. You can search for hours yet you won’t find it. Once they enter the room, they’ll find it without even wasting 5 minutes.

7. Everything wrong is because you’re on your phone

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If you’re sick, they’ll tell you it’s because you’ve been pressing your phone all day. Automated response from every mother.

8. When you hurt them, they “disown” you

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Exactly as the image above says. Once you call them ma/mummy, they’ll ask you who your mother is because they don’t know you. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go and apologize to them.

What other comment or action did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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