11 People Tell Us What They Hated About Starting A New Relationship

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Starting a new relationship can be very exhausting. You have start talking about your likes and dislikes all over again and open up to this person. You don’t know whether this relationship is “the one” so you still go hard hoping that this too does not end in tears like the last one.

We asked a number of people what they hated about the beginning parts of new relationships and this is what they had to say.

1. Olivia

I hate the stage where you’re trying to get to know the person more so you don’t offend them because at this point you don’t really know what’s going to get the person pissed off or what’s going to make the person very happy. Also, at this point, as much as you’ll be yourself, you’ll also have to calm down about some things. For example if you’re sharp mouthed, you’ll have to tone it down a bit. The last thing for me is disagreements. At the beginning of the relationship, you people will disagree on a lot of things because you’re still getting to know each other.

2. Phil

For me it’s the unnecessary conversations, nk)m) hunu biaa y3 wo d3 😂. I also hate the fact that you sort of change your nature in way to please your partner.

3. Charlotte

I hate the talking stages, getting to know someone can be stressful and most people think you have to know the person before the relationship starts but no, you get to know each other during the relationship. I also hate the early stage rumors, definitely someone will come digging up the past of your partner creating doubts and distrust before the relationship sets in.

4. Naa

The whole getting to know the person part but most importantly not being able to fart in the first few weeks😹

5. Oscar

I hate that I have to overdo everything. Whether it’s texting, calling or talking all day. Sigh! It’s tiring.

6. Abigail

For me, it’s a number of things. Talking stages that involves getting to know them. Unmatched energies because you don’t know what they really have below their sleeves; everyone just puts their best foot forward. Hoping it’ll work out. The vibe going on and off sometimes. You having mixed feelings, asking yourself whether it’s worth it or not. If you ask random questions and you feel you’re not their spec but they’re saying they love you because you already showed them you love them. All of it chale

7. Sena

For me it’s when you have to start telling stories about your life all over again. Stressss!

8. Hannah

Hmm! I have no idea what I hate about starting a new relationship. I always like the idea of starting something new so I’m always happy to begin.

9. Violet

The whole knowing me knowing you thing and the feeling that all the things he’s saying could be lies because people said the same things and they turned out to be lies.

10. Nora

If you weren’t friends with the person before dating, you’ll have to try and get comfortable with them. That’s the part I hate.

11. Alfred

The whole part about how you were just there minding your business, then all of a sudden you’ve caught feelings for so someone and now you think of them a lot and then wondering if they feel the same way. Also, the part about now trying to vibe with the person on a “not just friends” level😹. Figuring out the first couple of dates or hangout. Then once you feel like she feels the same way, you have to figure out when to ask her out proper. There’s the meeting of her friends if you don’t know them already. It’s not that I particularly hate these things.. But all be “stress”😹😹😹

How about you? What irks you about starting a whole new relationship? Let us know in the comments section.

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