Things You Can Do In Your Freshman Year That Aren’t As Easy To Do In Other Years

Photo by Timothy Works from Pexels

Unless you’re a medical student, a law student or in some other specialized field, when you’re in your freshman year of university things tend to be easier for you. And that’s because, naturally, in the university, things get increasingly more difficult the higher up that you climb. Here are some things you’re going to want to do in your freshman year before things get insane.

Read A Book

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If you’re someone who enjoys reading, your first year should filled with reading. That’s because in subsequent years, even if you have the motivation, you might not have the time.

Start Working Out

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When you first start university, there’s a wealth of curiosity that you have that will start going down over time. In order to make sure that you take full advantage of that curiosity, you should try things out. If you’ve wanted to work out, check out your school gym and see what kind of facilities they have.

Get An Extracurricular

If you’re interested in sports like basketball, swimming or football, the best time to pursue those interests is in your first year of school. Teams make selections based on merit, but sometimes how long someone has been on the team and how much work they’ve put in also factors into the decision. Finding your extracurricular early has no downsides.



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