Gravity Defiers: The Ashesi Team Representing Ghana In The 2021 Brandstorm Challenge

(L-R): Betsy, Nazik, Ayeyi

Three brilliant Ashesi University students – Nazik, Betsy and Ayeyi – are representing Ghana in the 2021 L’Oreal Brandstorm challenge.

The Brandstorm challenge is one of the most innovative students competition worldwide. For the 2021 edition, the mission is “Invent the Beauty shopping experience through entertainment!”.

The aim of the competition is to offer the students an experience and the opportunity to innovate within the beauty industry. This project is a part of the L’ORÉAL international human resources communication and recruitment strategy. It aims to enhance students’ entrepreneurial skills, creativity skills, and perception of the L’ORÉAL business.

L’ORÉAL Brandstorm 2021

Gravity Defiers

For the purpose of the competition, Nazik, Betsy and Ayeyi are known as “Team Gravity Defiers”.

Nazik is a Management Information Systems student, while Betsy and Ayeyi are Business Administration students.

Nazik loves playing piano and basketball, Betsy loves creating inspirational content and watching psychological thrillers, and Ayeyi loves writing, listening to music and watching psychedelic videos.

Project “Pow Swoosh”

Nazik, Betsy and Ayeyi are creating an AR (augmented reality) multiplayer adventure-themed game for the shopping experience for Garnier, called “Pow Swoosh“.

Garnier is a mass-market cosmetics brand of L’Oréal, which produces hair care and skincare products.

Basically, Team Gravity Defiers are hoping to use a gaming app to create a loyal family of Garnier consumers who now find shopping more pleasurable hence boosting Garnier sales. Progression through some levels is through product purchases.

Project Pow Swoosh

The estimated total cost for the project is $140,000.

They are hoping to use South Africa as the pilot country for the project because the country is the largest L’Oreal subsidiary in Africa.

About L’Oreal

L’Oréal, a French personal care company, is the world’s largest cosmetics company and has developed activities in the field concentrating on hair colour, skincare, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care.

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