Ghanaians React To The Fake #FixTheCountryGhana GHS 4.8M Demo Budget

The front page of a newspaper with the headline "Fake News"

While most of the political class have already made a mess in trying to react to the Fix The Country campaign, yesterday, they outdid themselves.

The conveners of the campaign have said they would be holding a protest march this Sunday, May 9. This would be the offline version of the nearly week long online demonstration.

There have been attempts to use the police to frustrate the efforts of the conveners from holding the demonstration, as well as other online ploys to derail the conversation.

The fake budget

An alleged budget with Speak Up Ghana letter head and reportedly sent to the office of former President John Mahama is circulating online.

The fake budget was requesting for a little over GHS 4.8 million to fund the protest. The money was supposed to cover media, money for celebrities among others.

However, a lot of Ghanaians saw through this attempt to thwart true efforts behind the protest and their suspicions were right…. the budget was fake.

For many, this ploy further shows that the political class would rather be dubious instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting work done.


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