#FixTheCountry: Here’s How Unemployment And Low Wages Are Affecting Students’ Mindsets

The Balme Library, University Of Ghana

If you’ve picked up nothing from the #FixTheCountry trend so far, you’ve at least picked up on the fact that a lot of graduates are not happy and they have time on their hands. We’re unemployed and desperate for jobs. We’re desperate so employers pay us low wages. We work hard for our degrees just to question what they’re worth in the first place.

Kuulpeeps spoke to some undergrads still in school, speaking about their expectations, fears and hopes when considering the transition out of school and into a system that’s failed those who came before them.

What’s Your Biggest Fear After School?

I don’t think I have any because life is hard everywhere. I’m a realist. I stopped being optimistic long ago because the disappointment hits different. Now I’m just like, “oh okay” then I move. – Ellen

I was having anxiety just thinking about it, because I know nothing about what comes next. I just know it’s something you’ve got to do. I’ll just be on my usual grind. – Jacob

I really want to go far with my writing, to be completely honest, but it’s such a challenge low key because a brother needs to secure the bag, you know? – Fred

They say the low paying jobs are a stepping stone, but from what I’ve heard with some of them, it’s like the stone is stepping on you instead of you stepping on it. – Jude

After school, it’s just more school for me. The school is tiring but I feel like once it’ll get me to where I want to be I’ll be okay. I’ve been working small jobs since first year and I’ll get the Master’s. That’s the only way on this job market. – Jennifer

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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