Best Practices For Interacting With Customers Online That Will Help You Retain Them

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As a business owner, it’s not just the quality of your product that determines whether or not people come back after an initial transaction. Customer loyalty comes as a result of you making a good impression and building genuine relationships. When people connect with you it becomes all the more natural for them to recommend your brand to other people and to come back for repeat purchases.

Don’t Snap At Customers When They DM

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When customers DM you it doesn’t always mean that they’re ready to buy from you. Sometimes they’re not all the way there and they need you to help them make the decision. When you notice a customer asking a lot of questions, even if it starts to get annoying don’t snap at them. Instead, volunteer any information that you think might help them with their buying decision.

Don’t Promise Things That You Can’t Deliver On

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An excellent way to ensure that a customer doesn’t come back after a purchase is promising something that you can’t deliver on. That includes everything from timelines to the actual product that you’re selling. If can’t deliver in a day, don’t say that you can–be transparent!

And you also shouldn’t make promises about what your product can accomplish when it can’t do those things. False advertising might piss some customers off so much that they will actively try to ruin business for you.

Follow Up After Purchases

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Once a customer has made a purchase and they’ve received their product, that shouldn’t be the end of your interactions with them. Follow up after a week or two and find out what kind of experience they’re having with your product. If they aren’t liking it too much, you could even recommend an alternative that might suit their use case better!



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