5 Videos And Photos From Kalyjay That Should Get You Fired Up To Join The #FixTheCountry Protest

Man with Ghana Flag. Credit: Kalyjay

Ghanaians are like anyone anywhere on the face of the earth.

They want to live in a country that protects them and makes sure that they meet the basic necessities of life.

Food, shelter, healthcare and others.

However, there are way too many Ghanaians who can’t afford to eat three square meals in a day, pay for decent housing and are basically begging for funds to pay for their medical bills.

In fact, if the events of the Easter weekend was anything to go by, a lot of Ghanaians are leaving their chances of survival in the hands of others by raising money on crowdfunding platforms.

Ewurama Asare Takyi Danquah

While some are meeting the target, others are also struggling to raise even half of what they require.

They often have to strip themselves of all dignity and beg people to help them pay for their medical bills.

Issues of bad roads, inadequate funding of government schools, especially those in deprived areas, are all the reasons why people want those in power to fix the country.

A country must work for everyone and not just those with close proximity to power.

That is why, as part of efforts to get more Ghanaians involved in the Fix The Country campaign, one of the conveners of the campaign, Kalyjay has been sharing videos of some of the issues he has been talking about.


The conveners have planned a socially distanced demonstration this Sunday on May 9. Though the police are trying to frustrate their efforts, it is aluta continua for now.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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