Social Media Accounts To Follow For Amazing Business Insights

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

There’s a lot to learn from social media. All you have to do is to know which accounts are the right ones to follow. As an entrepreneur, there’s a wealth of knowledge just waiting online for you to discover. We’ve compiled a list of some social media accounts that you should be following if you want access to insights from people with real-life experiences.

Patty The Strategist

If you’re looking to develop your marketing skills, both online and offline, then you need to find this account and hit the follow button quickly. In addition to bringing you marketing gems in creative and fun formats, you can also reach out the account manager for tailored help at a fee.

Africa Skills Hub

This channel on YouTube is home to a series that is essential to anyone who would like some tried and tested insights into their entrepreneurship journey.


This account belongs to a graphic designer who specializes in creating brand identities. Obodai is constantly dropping gems that will not only help a business grow, but will also help you build meaningful relationships with your customers.


The final spot on our list goes to PD Hub which is a consulting agency that helps small and medium scale enterprises make profits, and to grow. Although the tips on the page tend to be quite generic, they give you ideas that you can tailor to your own business.



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