#FixTheCountryGhana: 7 Ghanaians Tell Us What They Would Do If They Could Run Ghana For A Day

Pupils studying under a tree (image via Prime News Ghana)

#FixTheCountry is already making an impact even when a lot of people have said that nothing could come out of it beyond the social media uproar.

This campaign has exposed a lot of challenges in the system and given people the confidence to speak truth to power.

Ghana Patriotism Image. Image via Solomonjnr_Instagram/Solomonjr

For most of the young people online protesting and are willing to take to the streets for the protests on May 9, it’s a situation of we’ve got nothing else to lose.

Many highlight all the things going wrong in the various aspects of their lives.

As part of advancing the conversation, Kuulpeeps.com asked our followers on Instagram what they would fix first if they could run the country for a day.

A Kuulpeeps.com creative

The responses from Ghanaians were about floods, religion, education and others.

Below are the responses that we received anonymously from our followers.

I will construct drains since we are almost in June/July rainy season. No more flooding or cholera.

Annon 1

Close most of the churches.

Annon 2

I will fix the uniforms and hairstyle rules in our schools.

Annon 3

Change the old leaders and replace them with young energetic graduates at home.

Annon 4

The government.

Annon 5

If only I could fix the mindset of the people.

Annon 6

Change our leaders, cut down MPS, ministers salary and allowance into 4 and reduce the number of ministers

Annon 7

All the above sentiments encapsulate many of the issues outlined by Ghanaians who are championing the #FixTheCountry campaign.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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