A Look At The Counter Hashtags to The #FixTheCountry Protest

Ghana Patriotism Image. Image via Solomonjnr_Instagram/Solomonjr

This Sunday, young Ghanaians are leading a protest march to send a message to the ruling class that the country is sick and it needs fixing.

According to them, nothing works properly in the country, if it did then it means you must be well connected, rich or powerful.

Young people are experiencing depression because they can’t land jobs after National Service, a lot of those who do land jobs can’t survive on their salaries.

A Ghanaian ready to undergo a surgery at the Sunyani Regional Hospital

Healthcare is a problem and most families are only one serious sickness away from becoming broke, homeless and becoming glorified online beggars with crowdfunding campaigns.

The list goes on and on and after 64 years of independence, Ghanaians are laying the blame right on the footsteps of the political class who get send their children out of the country for education, travel abroad to seek medical care and live lavish lifestyles that the ordinary Ghanaian cannot even comprehend.

The #FixTheCountry hashtag was created to send a clear message to the political class to do their jobs. Nothing more nothing less.

However, while Ghanaians told them what they wanted, they also hit back with their own counter hashtags that did not speak to the problem but tried to deflect and put the blame on the ordinary Ghanaian who is trapped in a nonfunctioning system created by and benefiting the political class.

The #FixYourself hashtag was used by members of the government and their close allies. It inherently tells the ordinary Ghanaian that the country is fine, you are not getting good and affordable healthcare, good drinking water, constant supply of electricity because the problem is you not the system.

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It claims Ghanaians are not getting ahead because they are the problem not the endemic corruption among government officials with back to back scandals chasing them wherever they go.

When that seemed to not do the job, hashtag #NanaIsFixingIt also started to trend. It is a classic hashtag admitting that there are challenges however, the problem is being fixed. Meanwhile, the who point of the #FixTheCountry campaign is that nothing is being fixed, things are getting worse and the problems faced by the ordinary Ghanaian are compounding.

If anything, #FixTheCountry must be a wakeup call.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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