7 People Talk About How Their Lives Will Be Easier If The Minimum Wage Was Raised To GH₵50 Daily

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Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement. In 2020, Ghana’s minimum wage rose from the previous GH¢9.68 to GH¢10.65.

Currently in 2021, the minimum wage is GH₵11.82 which means that, companies can decide to pay someone, depending on their skill set GH₵250 without any fear of the law meanwhile we all know that GH₵250 cannot take you through the month, but a lot of people are living from hand to mouth like this while married and with kids they need to take care of.

We know that if the minimum wage increases to GH₵50, prices of goods will go up and it won’t exactly feel like there has been a change in your livelihood but we asked you all to dream. If minimum wage is GH₵50, a lot of people with qualifications and work experience will be earning much higher; maybe even over a GH₵100 a day if that’s not what you’re earning now.

If everything is constant, but the minimum wage increases so you can make more revenue, how will that improve your quality of living?

1. Carl

If I was being paid more generally, everything will be easier. I need enough money to make life decisions. If I wanted to start a business and I had the capital to do so, I would have to leave my job but if I had capital to start a business, and extra money as security in case it didn’t work out, that would make the decision easier. Basically I would have enough financial security to be able to do what I want.

2. Mark

I currently have a 9-5 job but I still have 3 other businesses I manage because my normal job doesn’t pay me enough so I don’t have much of a choice. Here in Accra, if you don’t have extra streams of income apart from your job, you’ll stress. If my pay increases, I think I’ll be able to save more and be able to afford more stuff.

3. Cara

GH₵50 per day is still small but generally, I can save and dine more. Currently I have weight fluctuations because I don’t eat often. With a considerable increase in my pay, I’ll be able to have a better life, save more, eat better and get a better and conducive environment to live in. That’s all that matters to me.

4. Betty

I can’t really relate because I get paid by the hour; that’s the policy where I work but generally, if my pay was to increase, I’ll be able to afford more stuff and save more. Life will be comfortable and you wouldn’t have to live from hand to mouth.

5. Francisca

Oh like I’ll do things!😹😹 But basically I’ll be able to save more and spend more at the same time. Plus I can be able to help out at home when it comes the bills and stuff.

6. Ama

Generally, for me it would be better food choices and the chance to choose a more comfortable means of transportation for example, ordering an uber everywhere instead of trotro or walking.

7. Fredricka

An increase in my pay will help me save more and also be able to help pay the bills at home. As the first born it’s really hard seeing all the little things that need to be taken care of but I cannot really do anything about it because my take home is small and I still have to save some.

8. Kwame

I’ll have a better standard of living and a chance to save/invest more. I’ll also not worry so much about certain expenses. And who knows, maybe I can buy a generator and fuel it, because I don’t have light right now 😂

9. Teddy

😂😂😂 Then I’m rich oo. It means more savings and I can finally get money to buy this damn phone. If not that then we all have to do onlyfans sometime 😹

10. Erica

I currently don’t have any issues with my current take home but if it were to increase significantly, I’ll probably be able to save more, eat out more and take Ubers without worry. Those will be my main changes.

How about you? If the minimum wage was increased and you get your salary increased, how will that affect your way of life?

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