5 Things To Do Before You Get Into A New Relationship

After breaking up with someone, it’s easy to blame that person and move onto a new relationship. In fact, people pride themselves with the “ability” to move on from someone to another person after 2 weeks or even less but that shouldn’t be. You need to take stock of who you are and what you want now before you move onto a different relationship. Here are 5 things we think you should do before entering a new relationship.

1. Take stock of who you are

No matter how long your relationship lasted for, you have changed since then. You need some time alone to figure out who you are currently and what you want from your next relationship. Do you want to be in an actual relationship again now or you just want a friends with benefits situationship? Are you even ready to pour out your heart and mind into another relationship yet? Have you healed yet? Are you sure you’re not going to use this new relationship as a rebound one?

2. Find your passion

Do something that you’re passionate about so you have an identity even outside your relationship when you eventually get into one. Involve yourself in something you’re excited about. Push yourself and make whatever it is a big part of your life.

3. Let the past be the past

This is especially for those that have come out from toxic relationships. Before you can move on, you may need to forgive yourself and forgive the other person who put you through hell and remember that, not everyone is like that. It may be extremely hard to do and when you’re at this point, you need to acknowledge that you aren’t ready for a new relationship yet. You will get past this stage though, because you’re strong and we are all rooting for you.

4. Take care of yourself

This is especially for those who came out of a long relationship recently. You may have focused so much on your partner or you and your partner as a duo that, you forgotten how to care for you. Pamper yourself. Go out on your own. Reconnect with old friends. Have fun. Enjoy life. Take care and fall in love with yourself first before thinking about a new relationship again.

5. See a therapist

The Ghanaian or even African culture doesn’t see this as necessary but I’ve seen firsthand how this helps tremendously after a breakup. It’s easy to bottle things up and try to move on into a new relationship but it will still end in tears. You can work through stuff with a therapist so you can make your next relationship work.

We hope these points help you out.

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