These Statistics Prove How Important The #FixTheCountry Trend Is

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As of this moment, over 431,000 have tweeted with the #FixTheCountry hashtag. Needless to say, Ghanaians are looking for change. Problematic socio-economic events, such as the damaging effects of illegal mining trending on social media, new tariffs and taxes being introduced as well as fuel prices going up, in the past few weeks have finally spiraled into the flames of an online protest for better leadership.

The hashtag is largely a youth-led movement, and we have some statistics from (@statsgh) that prove why the country’s youth is dissatisfied.

1. If This Doesn’t Sound Like A Youth Crisis

2. This Is Crazy

3. All It Takes Is One Health Crisis To Break The Bank

4. Please Say This Is A Joke!

5. #FixTheCountry

6. No Wonder Our Health Insurance Is Ineffective

7. *Through Hours Of Traffic Because Of A 1 Cedi Toll

8. Shouldn’t Someone Be Held Accountable For This?

9. In Addition, Dumsor Is Back And Rebranded

Source: StatsGH (@statsgh) via Twitter


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